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Business Cards

In this “paperless” world, there's still one printed piece that's a must for every business person: your business card. This rectangle of paper, smaller than a bookmark, packs a powerful punch...or at least it should. Every business card presents contact information in a logical sequence. Designed properly, your card can set you apart from your competition, making the smallest piece of paper you carry your biggest salesman!

Business Card “Rules”

  • List Every Way Your Customer May Contact You.
  • Include Your Logo and Your Name (Some People Forget...).
  • Toss In A Tagline Listing Your Specialities.
  • Never Overcrowd! Pare Information Down If Needed. Only Give What Is Necessary!
  • Have Too Much For One Side? Use The Back - Why Leave It White?
  • Whatever Your Business, CHO Design Can Create A Card That Helps You Stand Our From Your Competition!
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